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Shopping bag

We are entering the usual summer forest fire season.

Everyone should know what to do and how we become poorer each year with the greyish-brown color and the smoked gray flavors.

There are human beings dying immediately and all of us falling ill with our planet.

There is a recent remedy that helps us now and heals the wounds in the forests.

Do not use plastic bags, even those that are long-lasting and reusable. OBVIOUS.

Plant a tree. OBVIOUS.

Breathe carefully and help save our planet's lungs. It's not so OBVIOUS to do.

Landed last year in Portugal, a good bag for shopping or whatever you need. It is made of pure cotton, washable, reusable, with a capacity of 32 liters and with a chip.

The chip is the bell for the business. After buying a bag, register and you can get discounts on your purchases and plant trees on our planet. To do this, use your smartphone, not for silly social media chats, but with the Goodbag app, for active volunteer work to save forests and earn discounts on shopping.

There are many images and messages printed on the bags. They are now on sale in a large Portuguese supermarket chain in addition to local alternative stores, environmentalists, bio, vegans, etc.

I chose the bag with the message in the photo below. Click on it and understand better than what I am able to explain.

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