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Since November 1960

Seeing is the thrill among the five senses to build, transform and communicate a thing.
One thing is another among others...
Things are the ones we thrill now to hit a new one...

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Idyll Meraki

ictures, photos...

eep it simple...

olutions & share...

Marble Surface

Tour around

scroll up and down with your fingers, click and click, and take your time...

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Nice for everyone, in danger for all

Daily life

Simple or busy, roolling on daily

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Contemporany issues

Some fashionable, others not so much


Citizenship diferences between know or not

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Entreteinement & show business

Without a ticket, on the front row

Arts and culture

To be seen in any photography

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Like weather forecasts, always a surprise


Team efforts and goals has to be shown

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Preparation, action, reaction and celebration


All that and all those on a reportage

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Architecture & Real State

Places to sleep, work or just anything confined


Before start by scout and know a place, backgrounds, amenities, restrictions, permits, etc

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professional trainer

If not knowing allready all, has to learn something else more


Before parking is better to check and be advise how to get from there

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Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 13.04_edited.jpg

Photo seightseeing

Going on sightseeing to hits better to shoot


Photos are more and better than just for albums and different from passbook chromes


Pfffuuuu... What else ?

Be welcomed. and please do not be shine, make a comment...

Marble Surface
Marble Surface

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